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Nepal is natural beauty, Himalayan country located between India and china. It is known as a country of Himalaya,800 km long , 200km wide and 150m above from sea level. Nepal has Ten World Heritage Sites. Some of the highest mountains in the world including Mount Everest lives in Nepal. It has many kinds of natural environments an incredible range attracting nature lovers. Nepal is a paradise with different type of birds like pheasants, storks, cuckoos and pretty of birds. For those who love larger animals they can see elephant, royal Bengal tigers, bears, monkey, one horned rhino and many more animal. Kathmandu is the capital and large city of Nepal.
Have a detailed look of this site and know about exciting world of Rivers, Mountains, and the roof of the world - Mount Everest.
With India on its South and China in the North; Nepal is a developing country with rich in culture.

Asia Packages
Code Package Name Package Price Duration
DBKK-01 Dhaka Bangkok Dhaka Tour Package TK. 31,900/- 03 NIGHT 02 DAYS
DBKP-02 Dhaka Bangkok-Pattaya Dhaka Tour Package TK. 35,900/- 05 Days 04 Night
DSTP-01 Dhaka Singapore Dhaka Tour Package TK. 43,900/- 03 Days 02 Night
KUAPKG-01 Dhaka-Kuala Lumpur-Dhaka TK. 30,900/- 04 Days 03 Nights